Glen hansard dating history

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The songwriter says he really “dug deep” for these songs, chasing specific ideas instead of settling for something with a pretty sound.

“My Little Ruin”, which reaches out to a friend prone to self-sabotage, manages to check off both boxes.

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As far as the Video questioon from Sonya, the video on youtube is when they don't have a video or rights to a video, the person will upload a video of the song with just the album cover showing.

His hard-won wisdom allows him to recognize that raging against bloodthirsty record executives and unfaithful women — no matter how satisfying — takes less grace than calling someone home.

Piano and mandolin-drenched first single “Winning Streak” skips along casually and loosely in the spirit of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”.

In contrast, album opener “Grace Beneath the Pines” solemnly turns inward, Hansard focusing on overcoming his own shortcomings.

It maintains a hymn-like momentum, save for a small break when Hansard lets loose with his trademark vein-bulging wail: “I’ll get through this.” At this point in his career, he doesn’t need to convince us.

His impassioned songs mostly veer between the exhausting struggle to make it professionally (“Pavement Tune”) and the numbing struggle to keep the affections of a romantic partner (“What Happens When the Heart Just Stops”). Pick up any Frames or Swell Season record, or his first solo release, 2012’s , to find him chipping away at those two pillars.

offers up prayers to friends and family — and not with mere platitudes, but surges of white-hot honesty delivered in Hansard’s spoonful of sugar timbre.

In many ways, these 10 tracks serve as spiritual companions to “Song of Good Hope”, the world’s most heartrending pep talk that closes out .

But this is more than just throwing an arm around a troubled pal; this is a handwritten letter you’d keep folded up in your pocket to take out and read over and over until it begins to tear at the creases, the text allowing you to muster up strength and courage in rough times.

Honeyed guest vocals by Sam Amidon and Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam further cement the song’s “just a couple of guys trading verses around Levon Helm’s kitchen” vibe.

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