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A man ultimately seeks that special woman who will love him, inspire him and who he can love back unconditionally. Let me start by asking you this: Will you find a girlfriend by continuously sleeping with a never-ending list of women until something just ‘clicks’ with one of them?Will you find a girlfriend through your social circle?Weird that you post about them being super private and that their friends support that yet here you are posting about them. Reply-to: Unfortunately nothing go to social media.. they are together..also, no one denies that they're together. Nothing wrong with here salary and they are content and happy together. They are super private but sometimes photos should come up with them out .. you only see that if you super close with them in their circle.. we're happy for them but again, if you know them then i would guess that they wouldn't appreciate what you post here.

You need to not only be proactive, but you need to also KNOW exactly what to do when you actually meet a girl, in order to get her to be your girlfriend.

But we can all agree Sid wants privacy and if one day he comes out with photos of him and KL all good.

And don't ask me to go back this board is riduculous enough to navigate as is.

Whereby one of your friends introduces you to a great girl who also happens to be looking for a boyfriend too! Will you meet a girl randomly in a bar or a night club or even in the local book store? The answer to ALL these questions is ‘YES’ Never listen to people who say you will NEVER meet a girlfriend in a night club or online, because nice girls looking for boyfriends don’t hang out in bars, OR only desperate or ugly women join online dating websites. There are literally millions of men who have met their girlfriends and even their wives via nightclubs and bars, and in regards to online dating, the figures speak for themselves (21 percent of americans found their partner through online dating) What these men who have no problem in getting girlfriends have in common, is that they have been PROACTIVE with their search for a girlfriend.

Most men rely on meeting a girlfriend through friends or at work, which obviously is a common way to find a girlfriend, but it is a LAZY way, and is something you have probably already relied on for too long.

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