Girl scout uniform dating

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On 22 March 1911, Dr Gulick chaired a meeting "to consider ways and means of doing for the girls [nationally] what the Boy Scout movement is designed to do for boys." This meeting also selected the name Camp Fire Girls for the organization.Participants included William Langdon, Ernest Thompson Seton's first wife Grace, Dan Beard's sister Lina, and James West (BSA Chief Scout Executive).Here are some guidelines that I use to help determine if an organization is "Scout-like" (and please email me if you can improve on these guidelines, or if you can offer additional information about any of the organizations listed below): Many of these organizations are US-based, although some have branches around the world.Many are also church-centered Christian evangelizing groups, some belonging to specific denominations, and others available to any "bible-believing, evangelical Christian" church that wants to use the program.Planet Earth Scouts is about learning 'sustainable stewardship' and the 4 Pillars of the Earth Charter provide a framework to develop learning activities that will enable children and adults to learn about values and principles of sustainability. Democracy & Peace Frontier Girls—Started in California in 2007, "Frontier Girls is a scout like curriculum for girls offered as an alternative to Girl Scouts for groups to use as part of their youth programming." Girls can work on many hundreds of badges and other awards as they progress through five youth age levels: Penguin (preschool, ages 3-5), Otter (grades K-2, ages 5-8), Dolphin (grades 3-5, ages 8-11), Butterfly (grades 6-8, ages 11-14), and Eagle (grades 9-12, ages 14-18).But sustainable living is also about various technologies and practices that are specifically related to food, water, shelter, and energy." "The Planet Earth Scouts family is a community of Earth Stewards who are connected through a common desire to co-create a sustainable and healthy world for future generations. Adults can also earn badges, and can belong to three more levels: Owl (adult participant, age 18 ; "level for girls 18 and adults who wish to earn badges and awards at the adult level"), Goose (leaders, age 18 ), and Starfish (troop helpers, age 18 ). Troops typically include all age levels, with some activities for all the girls, and others set up for the separate age levels.Camp Fire's highest award was created in 1962 as the Wohelo Medallion, renamed the Wohelo Award in 1996. Membership is almost 154,000 in 25 states DC (2016).'Earth Scout' Organizations—There are several loosely organized groups that promote an earth-friendly lifestyle and use the term 'Earth Scouts': Earth Champs—Formerly called Earth Scouts, and a subsidiary of Earth Charter US, Earth Champs are "groups of parents and kids, teachers and kids, the community and kids all working to encourage boys and girls ages 3 and up to become responsible global citizens who know how to make a difference in their local communities and in the world." Using the Earth Charter as a guide, Earth Champs groups "learn about and act to sustain the environment, achieve economic and social justice, create peace and nonviolence and model participatory democracy".

Interestingly, West always regarded the Camp Fire Girls (and not the Girl Scouts) as the girl's equivalent of Boy Scouting.

These organizations pre-date Scouting, and hence were doing "Scout-like" activities before there was Scouting.

German Scouting owes much to, and has much in common with, the Wandervogel movement.

Their individual and collective actions are bringing definition to the term Earth Stewardship and their efforts are weaving a tapestry of planetary healing." The 4 Pillars of the Earth Charter are: 1. The Frontier Girl motto is, "If you see a need, Take the lead!

" They also have a Promise ("I promise to love God; Be loyal to my country; and to love my neighbor as myself.") and Creed (comparable to the Scout Law).

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