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Abstract Visitor.process(Abstract at org.hibernate. Default Save Or Update Event Listener.perform Update(Default Save Or Update Event at org.hibernate.

Default Save Or Update Event Listener.entity Is Detached(Default Save Or Update Event at org.hibernate. But what I don't understand is where I get the second session.... I'm using Hibernate, Spring 2.5.5 and Tomcat 6.0 Turns out I didn't have a transaction at all.

Hello Everyone, I'm just trying to use the find By Example() in Hibernate Template.

Setting up a new, empty Customer-Object and adding e.g.

Hibernate Unique By Named Query And Named Pa ram Currently I do: List user List = get Hibernate Template()By Named Query And Named Par am("find User By Username", "username", username); and then - throw a runtime exception if the size is more then 1 - return user List[0] if the ..hibernate.

Object Not Found Exception not translated by Hibernate Template?

The DAO does not have direct access to the datasource. May 16th, 2005, AM #1 cpowell55 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Junior Member Join Date May 2005 Posts 2 Hibernate All(Class clazz): failing on Oracle 9i I'm running a ...(Hib. I have a class that subclasses Hibernate Dao Support. I'm using get Hibernate Template() method quite often in my projects and I also need to obtain a Query object, which I can create ..spring.jar, the method, Serializable org.hibernate3. and i want ...understanding Hibernate Template.load() I'm trying to figure out a test failure as follows; Code: Foo f = new Foo(); Long id = foo Service.create(f); foo Service.delete(id); foo; The read implmentation is simple; Code: public ...

When the following fragment inside that class is called and there is no object with the given id, ... Hibernate Templa arg0) throws Data Access Exception what's the result of this method? I wonder if there any common approaches to extend Spring Hibernate Template so that I can call my methods without using do In Hiberante callbacks ?

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The solution for me was to move the call for retrieving the store to be updated in the update method.

Native Method Accessor Impl.invoke0(Nativ e Method) ...

Hibernate Template Jdbc Template Hibernate Transaction Mgr Hi, I have a DAO based on Hibernate Dao Support and configured to use a Hibernate Transaction Mgr.

On Update Visitor.process Collection(On Update at org.hibernate.

Abstract Visitor.process Value(Abstract at org.hibernate. Abstract Visitor.process Value(Abstract at org.hibernate. Abstract Visitor.process Entity Property Values(Abstract at org.hibernate.

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