Gay dating gps app iphone

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"People who are very, very close to you and are within walking distance." Simkhai said he came up with Grindr after deciding that traditional online social networking was "not very social." "You talk to your friends, you talk to your family, you share photos, you share links, but you're staying in this closed network," he said."And so we said to ourselves 'Let's combine social and location and let you meet new people,'" he said. Users create a profile, upload pictures and can browse other users' profiles.

It can seem that all the apps out there cater to only one type of man.

"They struggle to meet people of quality who share their same passions.

"And that's what Blendr's all about -- helping you find people who are as passionate as you are about the same kinds of things." To make the Blendr experience potentially more appealing to women, the Blendr team incorporated enhanced privacy and safety features and put greater emphasis on listing a user's interests -- from hobbies to sports to music to languages.

" "This was a question we were thinking about for a long time," Simkhai said in an interview with AFP.

"We looked at Grindr and we said 'OK, what if we just take Grindr and change the logos and change the colors and release that?

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