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This area is the stomping-ground for Fenn's childhood summers. The Firehole halts dramatically at the Madison Junction (MJ). I have always understood that the shadow man is Fenn, hat and walking stick ready to begin his journey, and standing at MJ.

It also represents his emotional, romantic yearning for this region... As Dal Neitzel pointed out, warm waters don't halt at Ojo Caliente (River Bathing is Best). Like Fenn's escape from school down the fire escape, we begin to understand... *NEW* Forrest made WWWH a little more obvious by putting it on the cover of “Too Far to Walk”.

To demonstrate this idea, take "where warm waters halt" (wwwh) in the context of "The Thrill of the Chase" (TTOTC) and we think of "Yellowstone National Park" (YNP) because of Fenn's stories in TTOTC and because YNP is the obvious place to find hot springs, boiling pots, and geysers in the Rocky Mountains. When it says "take it in the canyon down" simply go "down" rather than go "south" Theme and Structure: The theme of the poem is Fenn's journey through life.

Don't be overly creative, just visit the places Fenn spoke of and apply them to the poem.

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The tree is actually about 15' tall and the island is about 60' long.WWWH is only important because of it's shape, a Fire Hole, aka a MEGA "O". Birth, childhood, his military career, and his start in the art business, FF enters the flaming o, alone, innocent, bearing treasures of his talents and contributions along the way. It's not so important that Fenn told Dal to take a picture of the water by the Madison River with the flowers and the grass.Halt is an abrupt "end", Ω qualifying as an "Omega". He must have felt his heart skip a beat when he knew the world would think of him when they saw them, the double omegas, and see his entire story in a glance. Nor does it matter EXACTLY where the picture was taken. Or in other words where it was intended to be taken. I can promise you, this is the MOST LIKLEY of all possible warm waters in the Rocky Mountains because of the Yellowstone hot springs that mostly drain here, AND ALSO because it is Fenn's childhood playground.“It”, also means one of the different layers, roles, hats, ideas. If you have Fenn's correct TFTW then you also know WWWH and ho B is, because they are contiguous. This was his stomping ground for 20 years, his first taste of freedom and adventure. Hebgen Lake, a place mentioned many times by Fenn, and of obvious importance.For example, begin “birth” when the water breaks and the baby born; begin death when the heart stops and the body buried, begin the treasure hunt where the Firehole halts (a “T” where the name changes) and where the Madison River begins. Water flows out of the ground and into the river, symbolic of an entrance, birth, onto the stage of life. Brown trout spawn upstream into the Madison, Firehole and Gibbon rivers. In the teachers with ropes picture, I take this to mean the Madison River.

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