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Generally, applications for job positions must not be discriminatory.

Therefore, job applications shouldn't ask certain questions unrelated to the position.

The employment application forms offered by US Legal Forms comply with the employment law of all states.

Unless you have a contract or union agreement, employment termination is generally covered by the employment policies of the employer and termination may be made without cause or giving a reason, as long as illegal discrimination isn't involved.

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Letters of recommendation should be sought, but are not a right.

Consent to background check and criminal records check - A consent to background check and criminal record check will often be requested from an applicant.

An employer may also check the prospective employee's credit history.

Pre-employment physical form - A pre employment physical form is used to get employee consent to be examined for physical fitness.

Confidentiality, nondisclosure, and non-compete agreements - Confidentiality and non-compete agreements help protect an employer's trade secrets and confidential information from disclosure after employment termination.

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