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We are the women others whisper about — the ones who have the courage to show scars without apology. Gone are the invitations to book clubs, cookie swaps and wine tastings.Also gone, though, is judgment, comparison to others and the unspoken need to conform.

I roused myself each morning at with the stern reminder that if she could get out of bed in the dark to run, then I had absolutely no excuse. I found women who were honest about their life struggles and I, too, was completely honest about my unpleasant life’s circumstances: that my children’s father was more interested in destroying me financially and emotionally and protecting his bottom line than he was in being a father to his two children.We might not win any contests around town for having it all together, but what we Elizabeth Richardson Rau is a single mother of two children living in central Connecticut. We dutifully walked around the arc of chairs set up around the stage, saving only what we needed toward the back.We knew the seats in the front would already be gone, snatched up by early bird parents wielding cameras on their laps, their faces eager with anticipation.Society teaches us that having popular friends is something to strive for from a very young age. One of the most successful sitcoms of all times was devoted entirely to the subject of….I learned, though, that popular doesn’t necessarily mean healthier.

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