Free nasty chating sites

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I'm sure there'll be loads of nasty comments but I couldn't give a shit.

Go to a hooker, pay her, her soon to be well earned money.I came to the same conclusion as every time I end up on that bullshit site.I see too much cock, which is not a pleasant site, was still bored shitless and hating that place as always, for some unknown reason I still drift on there from time to time. If you do indeed feel the need to do this sort of stuff, maybe the urge.And not spend endless hours wasting time, siving through cocks, loops, people who are not stupid to fall for these old tricks. Am working through a painful D/s breakup and was hoping this would help others, so you're the I me my.After the blind-siding end of a second long-term DD/lg relationship-- the first a 10-year marriage (not surprising), the last a 10-month 24/7 LDR (breathtakingly surprising. )-- and finding once again that I was moaning about passive-aggressive, narcissistic pussies who THINK they're Daddy Doms but are really submissive cowards, I made myself very quiet and asked myself exactly what I thought a good Daddy was.

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