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I guess we have to look at other variables that people do not want to discuss or acknowledge. The problem is that the kids think they can buy a house and have it delivered in a great big smiling box in 2 days.

First, we expect the reprieve in the Toronto area to be short-lived. They have no idea that it takes months to find and close on a house…

If a correction occurs in the housing market that does not include Toronto or Vancouver is it still a correction ?

Yesterday was a realization day for me actually I was a person who judged people by their looks and how they live their lifestyle and I really regret it because the person whom I always misunderstood and thought that useless or cheap turned out to be the most kindest and loving ,that person has always behaved with me in a very good manner but I always criticized him and teased him and I never tried to understand that person …and now that the recession of 4 April 018 is over do not go spend your weekend getting sucked into buying a ticket here; for ten years it is: -Be careful for higher rates -Be careful of your hormones/mother-in-law/BIL/friend’s/media/Al Sinclair’s advice -Be careful for B-20 -Be careful for the stress test -Be careful not to listen to the FIRE industry -Be careful of national debt loads -Be careful of what happened during the last downturn in the GTA .tons of chiding of realtors, or any bull who may have come on here with a contrarian view.

Those that came here wishing, hoping and praying that the big decline would hit the Lower Mainland just wasted 5 years of windfall gains. FATLADY on at pm https:// really makes me sick to listen to these whiners.

The last great example was after the credit crisis, when Toronto prices plopped 15%. “But this is unlikely to be the case for a few key reasons.

First, we expect the reprieve in the Toronto area to be short-lived.

The only way such an event could occur would be if conditions here mimicked those in the States when that market crashed. The low-rate, low-yield, low-growth years are over.

The Mills are getting unexpectedly aggressive about real estate (look at those ridiculous condo sales), and the economy is about to move forward.

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