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What new slang was introduced during the 70s that you can think of?This is a list of all the words that were in popular usage during the 70s.It's like pig latin, really fun, you should try it out.'like'I do believe the term 'like' was used in the 70s by Americans and has been used ever since. Since they wore the standard uniform with the "Smokey the Bear" hats, Dad started talking about them on his radio as "Smokey Bears" or, as it was quickly shortened to, "Smokies",a "smokey" or "Bear(s)".

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Shaggin' Wagon A customized van with mags, an elaborate paint job, opera windows and a bed in the back.A bully asks the nerd, "Do you want a nice Hertz donut?" When the nerd answered in the positive, the bully twists the nerd's nipple (either one) and exclaims, "Hurts, don-ut?Hope you can find him for me, sure would appriciate it. Pictures Of Clothingi think on your website you should have pictures of the clothing you right about because i`m doing a music project and i need to find out about what they wore and what music they liked in the 70s and there are no pictures for me to i think you should get pictures and add them to your website.

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