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Contributions to society differ significantly, depending on an organization’s size, type and location, the level of staff education, the commitment of leadership: Both, a multinational like Ford and a shoemaker in Ulan Bator, contribute in their specific way and dimension to (their) society! how social responsibility can be understood, and what ? But the document inherits also a number of problems. Certification: in spite of the mentioned ISO and IAF ban, certification bodies widely disregard that the ISO 26000 is not certifiable and offer their services accordingly; more information on observed misconceptions and misuse is available at

In the past five years, the ISO working group has done a great job in providing this 100 pages document. Definitions: with all due respect of the working group’s endeavours on definitions, those essential ones of international norms of behaviour, organization, and stakeholder do not seem sufficiently mature to make the document easy to understand and easy to use’. Claiming that all core subjects are relevant to all organizations: this claim does not seem realistic; a manufacturer of capital goods will not find consumer issues relevant, charity and welfare organisations may not find fair opera-ting practices relevant, etc. Applicability to all organizations regardless of their type, size and location: interviewed small and medium organizations (SMEs, up to 250 persons) expressed having problems with the volume, the degree of detail, and the often bulky language.

It was published in November 2010, and one of its greatest benefits so far is boosting the global discussion on social responsibility, i.e.

the discussion “on what should be a better social behaviour of organizations”. But societies differ: by nations, history, culture, religion, level of education, ways of thinking, level of law and regulation – and other factors.

(L-R) Joan Koplan, Morgue, George Bell, Asia Ray, Todd Ray, Marcus Hunt, Ed Sanders, Alec Mape, Chris Hardwick and President and General Manager of AMC Charlie Collier attend the AMC Upfront 2013 at the 69th Regiment Armory on April 17, 2013 in New York City.

AMC's Freakshow follows Todd Ray and his family as they operate their Venice Beach business.

New talent will be scouted to join the show, and cameras will take viewers out of the business and deeper into the personal lives of the Rays and their extended family to document the everyday struggles of balancing life, love and the "Freakshow." Returns May 6, Tues 10/9c on AMC.

This tool, realised as an Excel sheet, is an easy to use aid; it reproduces the core subjects and issues, and allows a check of effectiveness per issue and an estimation of the impact of your possible actions by seeking answers to questions such as ISO 26010 is a good historical document and can be used in today’s world.

However, in several aspects it is not yet good enough!

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