Francis boulle and louise thompson dating

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We wonder what proud offspring will be receiving this business in years to come.Francis Boulle Born Francis Maximilien Yvan Christophe Boulle, it’s no surprise he landed a part in Made in Chelsea.Rosie Fortescue With a fine-art consultant for a father it’s no surprise Rosie pursued a degree in the History of Art from Goldsmiths University of London.A notably wealthy industry for buyers, sellers and consultants, Rosie’s privileged upbringing is courtesy of one of the most austere industries consequently regarded as an extremely rewarding investment pathway.Hugo Taylor Recent contestant Hugo Taylor is probably best remembered for having a martini thrown in his face by ex-girlfriend Millie.We wonder what his well-to-do father, who just happens to be a QC, would think of that.Francis is the epitome of ‘born with a silver spoon as an heir to a diamond mining dynasty.

Not only did he try his chances at finding love on the French Riveria as the manufactured babe magnet on Channel 5’s , but his parents own one of the most luxurious hotels in St Barts; Eden Rock.Hugo’s mother works for a world renown auction house called Christie’s.Born and raised in Chelsea, he is perhaps the most intelligent cast-member having never received lower than an A in exams.Made in Chelsea has been lingering on our television screens with its awkward silences, long stares and not-so-subtle editing techniques for more than a year now.And yet, even though we can be unequivocally certain that the cast members are young, rich and spoilt, questions still abound as to how these 20-something Chelsea-dwelling socialites are able to boast such financial stability. The privileged societal positioning the ‘MIC’ crew enjoys is due in a large part to their parents.

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