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The purpose of this free chat room is to make friends with Pinoy girls and chat with them through the webcam or video.This is an online Filipino chat room without registration, and monitoring is done to respect the culture of the Pinoy people.He was suddenly consumed of sadness…nothing from the one he was hoping for. nabigla ako at how fast his hand had reached my pussy, a moan escape my mouth. napaiyak ako bigla, dahil di ko inakala that my body would respond that way, i was getting oblivious to barry’s presence.“Magpakita ka naman…” , he hissed to himself, his eyes never leaving the one name on his YM’s list. Angela: sorry i had to leave so abruptly last time … jason told barry to get his video cam, dito ako nakaramdam ng takot.He stubbed out his cigarette and proceeded to the parking lot. For a few moments he was above the city’s noise, chaos and fast-paced living. As much as he loved women, they can be a source of annoyance that he needed to scrape off his skin like dead cells every once in a while. Then thought of turning on his computer, “the world would have been a better place if not some douchebag had invented you”, he murmured, giving his PC a generous thump.It had been two weeks since he’d had that “chat”, and while he labored hard to push it away to some nook inside his head , it had continued to rear its ugly head – from which he had no escape. He kicked his shoes away, left his socks on, and tried difficultly to steady his thoughts and his body. Angela: remember what i told you before i cut you off last time? We were inside his best friend’s room, his name is barry.

He could still hear the woman moaning as he explored every inch of her luscious body. She was a willing companion to a dance where morality exits the window and pure carnal desire takes over. ” Ah, the sound of the beast awakened”, he sarcastically quipped. a couple of offline messages, most from past and potential preys. Angela : chatting with you makes me feel better already… i hate to admit it but there was something oddly exciting about being watched…i could feel the wetness brewing between my thighs …jason’s hands went up my skirt.

Moments passed, the sunlight filtering into the beautiful room seemed to deepen around her, a sense of furtive unreality crept over. **** Romancing the prey long after the bogeyman of lust had faded, an art that Andre had mastered. ” “I’m sorry, something came up…didn’t want to disturb you. ” “It’s not that I’m upset…it’s just sooo not you…” “I’m really sorry…some sort of emergency…had no choice but to leave…” “Kung di ka lang malakas sa akin, aawayin na kita. Anyway, we can’t be seen together anymore,well, not in the next few weeks – my hubby is arriving tommorow from Singapore.

A longing that anytime now Andre would burst from somewhere…

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