Faulty fossil dating

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Once diagnosed, many of these conditions are manageable with medication or ICDs, and can prevent needless deaths.

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Did He do it through speaking the word in six 24-hour days in relatively recent history, or did He use natural processes over longer periods of time?

In discussing these questions, we encounter some ...

*The age of the earth and the geologic record--Science claims that the earth is 3-5 billion years old, based on various factors such as the age of rock formations, the fossil record, various dating methods, etc.

The fact that we can see distant galaxies that are millions of light years away seems to argue that the universe, at least, is millions of years old, since it took the light from those galaxies that long to travel to us.

But, some creationists argue for a relatively young earth, explaining the apparent age either by special creation or the world-wide flood.

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