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As mentioned earlier, though, the worker process supports the Web garden mode, meaning that identical copies of the process run on all of the CPUs with affinity to the process.(More on this later in "The Web Garden Model" section.) The communication between the ISAPI and the worker process is conducted using a set of named pipes.NET worker process (aspnet_wp.exe) which, in turn, controls the execution of the request. NET ISAPI monitors the health of the worker process and is responsible for killing it when the performance degrades beyond a certain threshold.The worker process is a small Win32 shell of code that hosts the common language runtime (CLR) and runs managed code.Dino Esposito Wintellect July 10, 2003 Applies to: Microsoft® ASP.

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Requests for Active Server Pages (*.asp) files are resolved by invoking an ASP-specific extension module named NET resources (for example, *.aspx, *.asmx, *.ashx) are passed on to the ASP. This account cannot be modified by developers and system administrators. NET ISAPI extension is responsible for invoking the ASP.But just working in a memory context distinct from the Web server process makes the application intrinsically slower.For this reason, any reasonable measures should be taken to ensure that the out-of-process code runs as fast as possible. NET runtime environment was architected according to design principles that place a premium on reliability and performance. NET process model comprises two system elements—an in-process connector living inside the Web server process and an external worker process. NET runtime infrastructure is scalable enough to automatically exploit any selected processor on multi-processor hardware.It takes care of servicing requests for ASPX, ASMX, and ASHX resources.There is generally only one instance of this process on a given machine. NET applications run inside of it, each in a separate App Domain.

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