Ex con dating

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Violence is something that is not in my life (was never in my childrens lives) and I am dilligent in keeping it out by not being involved with people that might bring it back into my life. That is something that isn't very far away in your past... While there are some exclusions (peds, rapists, etc), what is important to me is the man you are now, not the man you used to be.......

and I would be afraid that you might fall back on that instead of exploring other options. And best avoided because it would cause very definite problems in a relationship. There are people/women that would not stay away from you because of that. I'd work on getting adjusted to being out and acclimatizing yourself to what must seem like a whole new world.

he doesn't have problems getting dates because he leaves his record in the past.

I just don't know how to meet people, what to say and get past my past. rad....whats in your past is in your past and just because your an EXCON and made mistakes (killing someone) in your past when you was 18yrs old does not mean that you should not be loved or find someone to love you and be with you i know i do not know you, but i know exactly what your going through had a male friend who was an ex con aswell but his was not over same thing and everyone looked down upon him to but now he met some people male/women as friends/ even dated a few people, who looked PASSED his past and took time to know the real him.you'll probly not find as many women/ladys on the fourms who will post on your thread that would have just said that to you but trust me rad not all of us women/ladys will down you for your past because after all, whats in the past should be LEFT in ones past.....i have so much more say but i do not want your thread turning into an bash/hate thread and if i speak my mind (all good things) that is what this thread will become because others will NOT approve/agree with my, post... We've all done things that we aren't proud of that has affected what kind of person we are today. I personally would not get involved with someone that has something like that in their background.he has several animals and they mean the world to him.i think when women see how gentle he is with his animals, they feel safe with him.Not because I think you are not a deserving person, but because I grew up in a very violent home.That was many years ago and when I left my fathers home, I put that behind me. What would worry me the most is your spending 25 years of your life in surroundings where violence is a way of life.

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