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Over the years I've visited my share of massage parlors, and I do recommend this place very highly. The older ones will come right up to you and grab your dick and start rubbing, there the prices are much cheaper room rate went up .00 and 0.00 for the service total 5.00 one condom one shot deal so you cum your done .

Well just came back everything you read about Lucky Seven is TRUE !!! The older women charge .00 a 1/2 rate plus room. The girls are much much hotter better atmosphere they are to the point so it is, what it is.

he said that there was a new club and took me there.

Frenchy's 1 in Puerto Nuevo and we also went to Frenchy's 2 in Santurce which was even better.

San Juan Puerto Rico is a great place for banging but make sure you bring plenty of money and I mean plenty of money! Not much action in the off season so bargain with the ladies. My girl pulled out this huge dildo and I said wait a second, no. The Dominican had the best overall body, but the Puerto Rican had the best boobs.

but besides him, it's a nice place, with more thick girls... There are plenty of places in San Juan where you can have a good old time... For the strip clubs with nice looking girls that will give you extra, Lucky Seven is always good. Went to Frenchy 2’s near the Condado area on a Monday night around 1 am. There were about 5 cops standing in formation in front of the place. On Saturday nights the lobby turns into the most amazing night club.

Was led to a small room and offered my choice of drinks.

Being the boob man that I am, I went with the Puerto Rican.

After having my drink with my lady, she explained that massage service would be , which I paid immediately.

Nice thick Dominican chick for for a couple of hours it seemed getting blown in my car. I selected some wine, whcih to my surprise was free.

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