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It means keeping the first commandment first—and loving Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength (Deut. ~ Paula Hendricks “How Do I Guard My Heart” the choice on whether to give our hearts and affections to Him or not.But we still must remember that whatever we allow in our hearts can either purify, build, and strengthen us or it can harm us, bring us down, and leave our hearts in pieces.I’ve been promising to write an article on “emotional purity.” I get asked about it every once in a while, and I also see this term on websites/blogs.There’s even a book with the same title as this blog post. I think the “emotional purity” term is one of those of those “sacred cows”—something that sounds holy, but doesn’t have any scriptural support.We don’t only have to guard our hearts from just bad relationships but from the world’s influences that want to corrupt our minds and hearts. When you pour your heart out to a guy, you give him a piece of your heart that is suppose to be only for God (and your future husband).

Here’s why I would not advise you to emphasize this term in your life or ministry: First and foremost, it’s just not in the Bible. But I’ve yet to find clear biblical guidelines for “emotional purity.”This type of terminology is also very confusing. There is a clear standard from God: we should avoid sexual intimacy outside of marriage.Concepts of what is the “best” and most Christ-honoring way to go about relationships.Though these girls were all in different situations and were doing their best to go about their romantic relationships in a way that glorified God, there was a common theme: all of them felt guilty that they supposedly weren’t remaining “emotionally pure”.It might make singles afraid to risk initiating new relationships (and trust me—any relationship involves risks).I take my role as a campus minister very seriously, and I want to encourage students to be holy in all aspects of life.

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