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Robin: Laney: Georgie: Brooke: Sage: The OC: Lindsay: Ryan, Luke, and Zach. Carly and Sonny have found their way back to each other, Sam & Jason are about to get married, and Ric has finally left crazy Alexis for Reese, Plus a new relationship for Robin and Steven and Skye and Lorenzo what else is going on in Port Charles! Alex: Seth, Zach, and DJOne Tree Hill: Haley: Nathan, Lucas, Jake, Tim, and Felix. )So now you know I am working on a GH story called All You Wanted after that I am working on a 7th Heaven fic called Because Of You it is a Ruthie/Ben story! I have also decided to pick up Changes Of The Heart the 13th part will be out when the second part of All You Wanted is out. )Lucy: Kevin, Robbie, Ben, maybe a little Chandler. )Lost: Boone & Sun, Shannon & Sayid, Kate & Jack, Sawyer & Kate, Claire & Charlie, Sun & Jin, Jin & Shannon, Kate & Charlie, Boone & Claire, Sun & Jack ( All for right now!You may be able to find an alternate page by Searching the Site, or by reviewing the Site Map.College of Communication and Information Diversity & Inclusion Week: Working Together to Build a Better World September 27 – October 1, 2010 “CCI Diversity and Inclusion Week: Working Together to Build a Better World” is for all members of the CCI community, specifically its undergraduate majors.R., DIY Network, Scripps Networks Location: Scripps Convergence Lab Time: – a.m.

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Diversity and Inclusion Workshop: Juliana Oyegun, Director, Diversity and Inclusion Department, The World Bank, Washington, DC Location: Scripps Convergence Lab Time: – a.m.The Earl was able to continue his gambling while eating his snack; and from that incident, we have inherited that quick-food product that we now know as the sandwich.He apparently had the meat put on slices of bread so he wouldn’t get his fingers greasy while he was playing cards.Organizing Group: CCI Diversity Student Leaders Society Wednesday, September 29 “Diversity” films will be screened in the CCI Auditorium - p.m.: "The Great Debaters" and "The Kite Runner" Morning Session Panel: “Office Space: Who’s in Yours?” Moderator: John Haas, Director, School of Communication Studies Panel: Joan Cronan, University of Tennessee Women's Athletic Director Marva Rudolph, Director, Office of Equity and Diversity Brandii Tobey, Director, Press & P.

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