Eight simple rules for dating greg house

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He blows a chance for early parole in order to prove a fellow patient's diagnosis.Although he plans to withdraw from the practice of medicine, it appears the real co-dependent relationship is between House and the hospital.Chase eagerly returns, and even Taub prefers the excitement of saving lives to the routine of fixing noses.However, House initially tries to reconnect with Thirteen, he finally sends her off with her girlfriend to live in Greece. Both his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend are furious with him, and he's on the hook for two child support payments and one alimony payment.In early 2012, it was confirmed that this season was House's last, and it would have a "swan song" episode (a two hour finale consisting of a retrospective and the series finale).

House tries to blow her off, but an offer of ,000 if he succeeds is too much for him.

House gets the money to re-fund his department by pawning a piece of hospital equipment to bet on the market.

He also helps Park avoid getting fired for hitting her previous boss.

However, when treating a chemistry teacher, Chase and Adams are in the room when the patient suffers a psychotic break.

In the melee, Chase is badly stabbed and the life-saving surgery nearly costs him the use of his legs as well.

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