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The council includes the principal ministers of the Crown, some judges, many diplomats, peers and commoners whose services to the state and whose position in it, whether past or present, render them eligible to advise upon public affairs.

A privy councillor, even though a commoner, is styled "right honourable" and has precedence of all knights, baronets and younger sons of barons and viscounts.

Any one of a line of English kings ruling from the ascent of Henry II (1154) to the death of Richard III (1485). The number members of the council was anciently about twelve when it discharged the functions of state, but it became unwieldy before 1679 when it was remodelled upon Sir William Temple's plan and reduced to thirty members.

Its literal meaning sprig of broom with reference to the crest of the Algevin kings. It currently consists of all current and former Ministers of the Crown and other distinguished subjects, all of whom are appointed for life.

It has several values, being 54 imperial gallons in the case of beer and 52.5 imperial gallons in the case of wine.

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One day an old woman who had filled her pail wanted to fill her sieve also.Originally the Champion's function was to ride, clad in full armour, into Westminster Hall during the Coronation banquet.Flanked by the High Constable and the Earl Marshal, he threw down the gauntlet three times, challenging to mortal combat any one who would dispute the King's right to reign.State landaus are drawn by two bay horses driven from the box; the footmen stand when the hood of the carriage is closed and are seated when the hood is open.The State landaus can be seen in the Royal Mews behind Buckingham Palace.

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