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They’re listed in roughly chronological order of the most recent projected opening date.Location: 1011 Boren Ave., First Hill Key Players: Monica Dimas (Neon Taco, Westman’s Coffee and Bagel, Tortas Condesa) Projected Opening: March 23The Situation: Fresh off the buzzy opening of Westman’s Bagel and Coffee on Capitol Hill, Dimas is moving toward downtown with this standalone sibling to Neon Taco, which operates within Nacho Borracho. However, it should be noted that while the Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT! Throughout the series, the young thrush learns the importance of friendship and comes to discover her own strength and self-worth as she tries to choose her meister.The Washington native plans to go a little more casual than Lark, serving a broadly American menu of food he loves to eat (oxtail nachos, rotisserie porchetta, jojos) in a down-to-earth space filled with booths and designed by Graham Baba Architects.Location: 2115 Westlake Ave., Denny Triangle Key Players: Randy Garutti Projected Opening: Summer The Situation: The East Coast’s cult burger chain is finally opening its first Washington outpost so fans can gorge on Shackburgers, chicken sandwiches, concretes, milkshakes, and maybe even hot chicken, chicken tenders, and local collaborations — a Canlis burger, perhaps?

Lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch should feature a mix of tacos both traditional (like lengua and adobada) and modern (cueritos with soft pork rinds), tortas, and other Mexican specialties. Location: 411 Cedar St., Belltown Key Players: Hiro Tawara Projected Opening: Late March The Situation: When Shota Nakajima converted Naka to casual Adana, Seattle lost its only restaurant focused on the meticulous, seasonal Japanese art of kaiseki.

Now another chef, Hiro Tawara, is bringing the cuisine back to town.

Tawara’s career started at Kyoto’s Kyo-Yamato and other kaiseki restaurants in Japan, and he’s been practicing the style for years via pop-ups even while working at Shiro’s and Sushi Kappo Tamura.

The former will serve bites like smoked oysters and beef carpaccio, the latter quick meals like pizza bianca, salads, small fried bites, and salumi to suit the working crowd as well as pasta and other diverse Italian dishes at dinner.

Location: 1701 Western Ave., Pike Place Market Key Players: Bryan Jarr, Zoi Antonitsas Projected Opening: Late summer The Situation: Little Fish is a wildly ambitious sequel, expanding upon the size and scope of Jarr’s tiny, European-style Jarrbar in every way.

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