Dogpile ticker not updating Video chat swing

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In other instances, well-known details are not shown or described to avoid obscuring aspects of the invention.

Being computer-related, it can be appreciated that the components disclosed herein may be implemented in hardware, software, or a combination of hardware and software (e.g., firmware).

For example, a computer-readable medium may comprise computer-readable program code for performing the function of a particular component.

The index may be consulted to find links to web pages relevant to a keyword employed in a search request.

These and other features of the present invention will be readily apparent to persons of ordinary skill in the art upon reading the entirety of this disclosure, which includes the accompanying drawings and claims.

Web pages fetched by the crawler are stored in the index.

A keyword and a link responsive to the keyword are also collectively referred to as a “keyword-link combination.” A typical search engine ranks keyword-link combinations stored in an index based on the relevance of the link to the keyword.

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