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"Yes," she said, "But not as nice as you are doing it.""Do you like what I'm doing?" he asked her."Yes, it feels good." He slid his finger inside her lips and gently rubbed her cunt, slowly putting his fingers all the way into her cunt, rubbing harder as she got wetter and wetter and was really enjoying herself with what he was doing."You have a woman's cunt on you, and you have been wasting it on young boys like Richard.She climaxed once, twice, three times before the good doctor blew his big load into her hot wet cunt, pumping her full of his seed, which hurried to impregnate her. Means pulled his limp cock out of her hole."Wow." She said, "That was one of the best fucks, I've had. " asked Maggie."Yes." he replied, " I think you need this treatment, at least once a week. " This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.When she agreed to this, he told her to get undressed and put a gown on and then get onto the examination table.

Maggie was so hot that her juices were running down her ass from her cunt. Means slowly slid his cock into that hot, wet cunt until he was fully inside the young girl.

While they were talking the doctor slowly laid her back on the bed and put her feet into the stirrups spreading her legs apart and posing her cunt for his eyes to see.

He moved his hand down onto the top of her hips and rubbed gently as he moved his hand toward the lips of her cunt.

Maggie was pushing up on his hands as he finger fucked her.

Did Richard do this to you when you were together, he asked her?

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