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The server then moves the previously uploaded copy of that file into its , as usual.Image and file fields then are replaced by their Angular JS enabled counterparts, enabling drag & drop and immediate image preview.The main steps in this process are as follows: Now we’ll go through some of the various functions we are going to use to validate the image file before and after it is downloaded.Some of these have been taken from Stackoverflow answers so I’ve added the source where relevant.Let's consider an example of an existing application named "app".Create a new file in the directory of the application and call it "" (you can give it a better name if you can think about one) and paste this code: Be sure to use a number for max_upload_size value, if you use a string it won't work.

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It could be integrated into a popup dialog that allows users to upload images from Google image searches, traditional uploads, ajax multi-uploads as well as URLs.

If you're replacing a File Field you won't need to re-sync your db, while if you are just adding this functionality to your model you will need to re-sync your db: Even if this method is effective to restrict the content-type, a malicious attacker could still rename a script or whatever to the supported filetype.

To be sure the file being uploaded is really what it claims to be, you have to read it and check it.

Only after the upload of the file is complete the system will return the validation error message and delete the file, this means that any user would be able to stress the server with an upload of a huge file (1 GB) for example.

Fortunately this would never happen because django has a FILE_UPLOAD_MAX_MEMORY_SIZE variable that is set default to 2.5 megabytes.

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