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The outstanding white player has become more and more of an uncommon sight.If it were not for the European players who have increased in recent years, the sightings would be even fewer.Throughout the years, there have been many incredibly talented white players in the storied history of the National Basketball Association.From "Pistol Pete" to Larry Bird and beyond, there will be white basketballers that excel in this game.If we're playing for a championship, then I'll do that." The Mavericks haven't won a playoff series since beating Miami in the Finals in 2011, Le Bron James' first season with the Heat.They had a woeful start for the second straight year, all but assuring that they will miss the playoffs with consecutive losing seasons for the first time since Nowitzki's first two.It's not hard to see that the NBA is comprised of a majority of African American players.With roughly 75% of players being African-American, the NBA of today has become arguably the most explosive an It's not hard to see that the NBA is comprised of a majority of African American players.

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This comment has been overwritten by an open source script to protect this user's privacy.When he said he had just moved in, cristal asked if he needed someone to show him around. After a few months of dating dirk asked to marry cristal, who was using a fake name at the time.They were going to get married and things degraded quickly thereafter, with some reports claiming cristal was demanding half his money before the wedding.Although the stereotype may feel very real at times, some of the players on this list defied the rule that says "white men can't jump!" Here is the top 15 greatest white players in NBA history.

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