Did novak djokovic dating ana ivanovic

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When the match was over, Agassi and Sampras seemed to hug it out during which Sampras said, “You know I only have love for you.” Then when Justin Gimelstob interviewed the players (skipping over Federer and Nadal), Sampras reiterated and said he has no ill feelings towards Agassi.Agassi didn’t reply to Sampras but had some nice words about the event and helping Haiti.And if you saw the match, you’d agree that during the whole ordeal, Sampras was absolutely fuming.

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You know things are getting weird when Rafa Nadal has to tell Agassi to settle down some. But, as if he couldn’t handle the quiet, he decided to provoke Sampras.In the end, Sampras and Federer recovered after being down a break to win 8-6.The match was actually quite enjoyable with everyone exchanging some awesome rallies at various points.First, Lindsay Davenport and Steffi Graff lost 8-6 to Martina Navratilova and Justine Henin.Henin was coming off a tough early round loss in the actual tournament just hours earlier but it was nice to see her enjoying herself. There were a couple of flashy shots here and there but Navratilova and Henin were significantly better.

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