Developing and validating trust measures

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SUSY CHAN is a Professor in the School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems, De Paul University. in Instructional Technology from Syracuse Univer-sity. Her current research focuses on e-business strategies, enterprise applications and transformation, e-commerce curriculum, and mobile commerce.She is the founding director of De Paul University’s pioneering masters and baccalaureate programs in E-Commerce Tech-nology. JACEK BRZEZINSKI is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science, Tele- Citation Context ...

Recent advances in information acquisition and processing technologies have allowed online vendors to offer varieties of web-based person-alization that not only increases switching costs, but also serves as important means of acquiring valuable customer information.

Citation Context ..the existence of some basic form of trust that is necessary for consumers to conduct a commercial transaction, and the role of such trust in online environments is well documented by IS literature =-=[31,39]-=-.

Given that usage of personalization services is a form of (or part of) a commercial transaction, one could argue that greater the presence of trust building factors, greater is the likelihood that a... Lack of trust in online companies is a primary reason why many web users do not shop online.

As predicted, similarities were greatest among Americans, Canadians, and Germans, with the Japanese representing a different and unique case.

The results are discussed against hypothesized expectations. Citation Context, satisfaction and ultimatelysloyalty for diverse consumers in electronic markets is a central imperative (Gommans et al,s2001; Grewal et al, 2003; Jarvenpaa et al, 1999; Jones et al, 2000; =-=Mc Knight et al, 2002-=-;s Urban et al, 2000; Yoon, 2002).s Despite an anticipated large number of consumers from multiple cultures, few studies havessystematically examined Web preferences of users related to design character... This paper discusses the trust related issues and arguments (evidence) Internet stores need to provide in order to increase consumer trust.

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