Denmark dating rules

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Looking east you would see a host of small islets protecting the small fishing harbour from harsh weather — really not the worst place to found a city.

The earliest written accounts date from the twelfth century, when a bearded clerk (or a renowned historian if you will) called Saxo Grammaticus scribbled down a few lines about the place.

It is the home of Copenhagen's airport, located in the town of Kastrup and thus named Kastrup Airport.

Northern suburbs A visit to these green suburbs and Dyrehavsbakken, — the world's oldest running amusement park; Frilandsmuseet — the world's largest open air museum; or canoeing down the Mill River, will leave no doubt that this is an altogether different kind of suburbia.

Copenhagen (Danish: København) [67] is the capital of Denmark and what a million Danes call home.

This "friendly old girl of a town" is big enough to be a metropolis with shopping, culture and nightlife par excellence, yet still small enough to be intimate, safe and easy to navigate.

Literally surrounded by the City of Copenhagen, it has preserved a unique, conservative, upscale feel.

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If entering the city using the highways, you won't meet a city limit sign saying "København" (Copenhagen).

Portus Mercatorum, he called it, meaning Merchants' Harbour or, in the Danish of the time, Købmannahavn.

This has since evolved into København in modern Danish, and the city's English name was adapted from its Low German name, Kopenhagen.

Østerbro ("Eastern Bridge") A cosy neighbourhood north of the centre - less vibrant than Nørrebro and Vesterbro, and less quaint than Frederiksberg.

It is the home of the famous Little Mermaid statue, the beautifully preserved Kastellet citadel, and numerous piers for small ferries and large cruise ships.

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