Deal your parents dating after divorce

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It’s true, we don’t need you the way we did before.

You won’t have to coordinate schedules, make arrangements when we’re sick or figure out how to divvy up the cost of summer camp.

Realize that every divorce brings about such change, and change is not always easy.

Get plenty of rest, avoid stress as much as possible, put non-essential things on the back burner for now, and eat a healthy diet.

Let your mind concentrate on something other than the divorce when you are feeling overwhelmed.8. If journaling is not for you, then maybe you need a counselor to help you deal with your emotions.

It is helpful to have a professional you can share your innermost feelings with, and never have to see again when therapy is completed.

You may wonder why you feel any fondness for someone you are divorcing. Don’t shy away from seeking support and validation from friends and relatives.

It is perfectly normal, and most divorced people report these mixed emotions. If you feel the need, get into therapy to help you sort through your shifting emotions and the resulting stress.6. Riding this roller coaster of emotions is taxing, so make sure you develop good self – care habits during this time.

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Please don’t put us in a situation where we have to figure out how to have a recital without the two of you killing each other.After all, who wants to be responsible for their parents being miserable?We’ll need time to take it all in so please don’t expect us to just pick up and move on. It helped shape our ideas about marriage, relationships and family.We want you to know that we’re struggling and trying to make sense of all this.As we sort through it all, there may be times when we press you for more information.

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