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Trust is one thing that makes your life worthwhile while you share your life with the other partner.There comes a phase in relationship where you fall more for that person and you realize that now it’s the time to take things forward.Trust is by far the most important part of a relationship.It doesn’t matter if your relationship is that of a new one or a long term old one.But whatever the case asks for, don’t be that dumb lady out of which scumbags love takes advantage of. Take full control of your life and figure out if your man can be trusted or not.Be the smart and bold lady that you are, decide your destiny on your own. Sometimes it is very easy to tell but sometimes it’s not.It is nearly impossible to have an emotional connection with someone you can’t trust entirely.

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] Trust is the basic foundation of love in any relationship.

One of the easiest ways you can trust a guy is measuring his loyalty to you.

You should be able to count on him whenever you need him the most.

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