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The most amazing and interesting things become mundane simply because you see them all the time.

Instead of walking past all that history and beauty, why not stop and enjoy it for once?

Some people say that the original name was “Tanasqui”, but the word is so old that no one can be sure.

No matter what the original name of the territory was, Tennessee is now home to a unique group of people especially known for their southern hospitality.

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If you love history and old homes, go see the Belle Meade Plantation or the Belmont Mansion.And that sharing is much easier if you do it with someone who has a lot in common with you.Living in Tennessee means that you’re surrounded by thousands of people who share the same history as you.Every corner seems to have a smile on it, which is completely unlike the more stoic Western attitude.Tennessee is a pretty popular state, if you haven’t noticed.

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