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v=h KDcb NQpe Zc History of rowing display Cabinet 1 The Roots of Rowing Doggett's Coat & Badge Oxford & Cambridge Rowing Eton & Westminster Rowing Cabinet 2 British Empire Professionals & The Claspers Henley Royal Regatta British Clubs & Associations Cabinet 3 American Clubs & Associations Cabinet 4 Schuylkill River & Navy National Association of Amateur Oarsmen Cabinet 5 Yale & Harvard Rowing 1869 International Boat Race Cabinet 6 & 7 Cabinet 8 American Colleges Cabinet 9 Schoolboy Rowing American Professionals Boat-building Cabinet 10 Olympic Rowing Cabinet 11 Women & Rowing Cabinet 12 Canadian Rowing Global Reach of Rowing Spectator Boats & Trains Cabinet 13 International Regattas Coaches & Training Officials Cabinet 14 Rowing Popularity Cabinet 15 Rowing Art Rowing History Exhibitions & Preservation The large format items in this room touch upon the English roots of rowing, professionals, clubs, college crews and contests, fine art, regatta publicity, women, the Olympics and rowing history exhibitions as introductions to the more detailed presentations in room 3. The Eton winning by fourteen boats length Drawn and lithographed by R. The initials UN stand for l Union Nautique de Lyon, founded in 1880, and together with the lion, anchor and crossed oars, make up the elements of the clubs emblem.[2] Hand colored lithograph Match Between Eton and Westminster, Rowed at Putney, Augt. [5] Hand colored lithograph A Modern College Scull. exhibition of rowing art and artifacts was curated by UC Santa Barbara University Art Museum director David Farmer in conjunction with the 1984 Summer Olympics (see catalogue in shelf 3 of cabinet 15).Thompsonville in Enfield was once home to a substantial carpet manufacturing industry.In 1901, the Hartford Carpet Company of Enfield merged with the E.

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) built in 1859 by Samuel Colt in Hartford for imported German workers at his willow ware factory.The building’s east end was once a common wall shared with the Color House, which has since been demolished. By that time the Hartford Carpet Corporation had merged with the Bigelow Carpet Company of Clinton, Massachusetts to form the Bigelow-Hartford Carpet Company (1914).Today the former carpet mill complex has been converted into the Bigelow Commons apartments. Field built the house in the same year he married Margaret Reynolds. I of the Field Genealogy (1901), by Frederick Clifton Pierce (a work dedicated to the famous Marshall Field of Chicago), Dr.He left no descendants, and his property, inventoried at 33, was divided between his brothers and sisters.The honorary degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred on him by Yale College in 1817.

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