Dating when to dump him

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Here are 10 warning signs you shouldn’t date him – even if he is super cute and charming. Even if it hasn't been directed towards you yet, it probably will be in the future.

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Wouldn’t you rather avoid a messy or potentially abusive relationship if you could? Has he ever gotten so angry that he's actually scared you? If his anger is out of control, it's highly possible that a relationship could turn abusive.

Source: Shutter Stock If you guys have been hanging out and have a little something going on, but he refuses to let anyone else know - major warning sign. If he flirts with you privately, but acts like he doesn't know you around his friends, that's not okay.

He's either trying to hide something, or he's just being a jerk. Source: Shutter Stock If you guys aren't even dating yet and you've already caught him in more than a few lies, that's obviously a huge warning sign.

And if he doesn't respond to texts or phone calls, that's a warning sign on it's own.

It means you can't depend on him, and that's not good. If he won't let you write anything on social media or refuses to be seen in public with you, that's a problem.

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