Dating voor leden

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Capture Photography Festival, Sapperton Park, Westminster, Canada April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019 For this site-specific installation at Sapperton Park, van Beek pulls from photographs found in instructional manuals for childrens toys.

Here, a set of childs hands are surrogates for the artists own hands, shown animating a collection of abstract painted shapes.

UNSEEN AMSTERDAM 2017 AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS Fri - Sun The Ravestijn Gallery presents new works from two of its artists at UNSEEN Amsterdam: Ruth van Beek and Nico Krijno.

Both artists preoccupations lie with the possibility of making a truly new image.

They question the connotations of surface and meaning by engaging their images in unexpected conversations, both poetic and full of humour.

More than 90 per cent of this income is redistributed to the wider sporting movement, which means that every day the IOC provides the equivalent of USD 3.25 million to help athletes and sports organisations at all levels around the world.

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel Groupshow: May 2017 - March 2018 Cats & Dogs aims to reflect the encounter between life, art and the two favorite yet somewhat conflicting animal partners of people.

The selection of objects will incorporate sculptures of cats from ancient Egypt, together with 1500 year old Mexican ceramic Colima dogs, Classic 19th century portraits next to modern paintings by artists such as Gino Severinni and Kees Van Dongen and many more.

Many of the photographs in the exhibition are well-known in cropped versions but are now being shown for the first time in their entirety.

Van Zoetendaal demonstrates that a great deal of information about the photographers vision and approach can lie in precisely those apparently insignificant and casual details that cropping tends to eliminate.

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