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when i received your machine after a week it was like waking up from a 15 year Mengele torture experiment and i cried from happiness for days ... So, twice in the past week, when I felt a little bit of temperature, tiredness and sleepiness coming back about an hour after I had a small baked organic purple potato in the mid afternoon, I zapped 3 extra minutes (in addition to 4 minutes in the morning). Just less than a month ago, I did not think I would ever get on an airplane. I tried herbal treatment according to Hulda Clark's "cancer = virus theory", taking Chinese medicinal herbs for three months, whose name I forgot. From fasting to fucoidan, believe me, I tried everything. I've found the final thing that is guaranteed to stop recurrence. It need to know where to mail it to have it fixed fast. I am treating it for Lyme disease and it has saved my life. I'm writing to thank you for the WONDERFUL little machine you built.Recovery of the circuit in her brain was triggered directly by my hand-made equipment called aura coil. Today I got a very excited news and I want to share it with you.But in the process after that, viruses nesting in the brain stem prevented the brain from recovering. After the elimination of viruses her recovery was so remarkable thanks to UZ. First of all, I received a new Ultimate Zapper today for my friends in Ukraine.If anyone concludes that any testimonial on this site contains information they would like to experiment with then this is done by each individual on an experimental basis through their own choice.Always consult a medical doctor to treat any illness, ailment, condition or disease.

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