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Young people dealing with a recent break up often ask me, “How to forget someone I love?” Breaking up with someone you truly loved will remain one of your most significant life experiences.Make sure the process of forgetting someone enriches you, rather than destroying you.Earlier this week, the subject of coworkers who routinely and regularly mispronounce a word came up in the comments, with several people mentioning that they have coworkers who keep mispronouncing the same word over and over.That’s something which is essential before you can even begin to assess your needs from a future relationship.As I mentioned, how you forget someone you love will always remain one of your defining experiences.Lies you don’t need to tell yourself if you don’t believe them already include: “I never loved them.” “They’re evil.” “I was too good for them.” Instead tell yourself, “Everything has its time.I’m happy for the good times I had with a certain individual.

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(Be honest – if your ex wants you back you’d only be too happy, right?

Here’s how I think you can do it fairly non-awkwardly: 1.

Then next time it happens, pretend it’s the first time you’re noticing it, even if you’ve noticed it daily for the last year. Let’s say the person keeps saying “mute” when they mean “moot.” Say something like this: “Are you saying ‘mute’ or ‘moot’? Oh, yeah, it’s actually ‘moot’ — I used to get that wrong too!

For example: “It’s so weird when a word gets lodged in your brain the wrong way, isn’t it?

For years, I pronounced ‘foliage’ as ‘foilage.’” (Insert whatever is true for you.

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