Dating someone who constantly cancels

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so if you talk to her, maybe it will come out and will solve both of your problems. talking and sahring your feelings and concerns is the best way to maintain any relationship.sorry to hear about this. I don't want to lose any friends in my friends' list. I told her that time has changed and we are not kids anymore, we're no longer in high school and in college, we're older.

i have a friend who keeps cancelling on me too, which makes me so mad! i don't know why, maybe he's a good companion and i like going out with him. as for your friend, you can still be friends with her but since you're tired of her always cancelling on you, maybe you could try not to ask her out for a while. Don't give up this uneasy friendship,but make friends with others as well. For me,if a friend of me always cancel our dating at the last minute,to be honest, I do feel disappointed but I don't mind because she has her own life and if she cancel our dating,there must something more important than the dating. So next time I will invite her again but if she cancel it, I can do something else. They're there to be your friend but they can't even organize herself. We have important things to do, and our lives don't depend son her. She's somewhat ashamed of what she did, and now she does call up and makes sure she's there.

Don't go anywhere with her unless it is her house or your house. Is she really busy with work, or does she just not feel like it at the last minute?

For instance, if you have plans to just stay home for the night then invite her over. The reason I ask is because in a book I am reading, that sounds like one of the signs of depression.

I do not think that you should ask her for her reasons, i really think that she should tell you them herself and should apologize for all the times that you counted on her, and did things for her, and she canceled. When our holidays come, I send short messages to her to discuss our holiday events in advanced. However,after returning home from our school,she disappear and never contact me. She ever told me that I am one of her most important and unforgettable friends. I think your friend hasn't outgrown the fact that you and your other friends can't keep on waiting for her. She won't change if no one would tell her straight. Because this type of attitude would lead her no where in the real world. If the friendship dwindles after the talk, then so be it. If not, stop showing up or talking to her for a while to make her realize. She should not tell you a date if she can not make it.

Oh my god,then I will call her,send her messages,well, I find her! But I only want to be her friends that she cared most. Something is not right there and I would not trust her to actually show up for something that was scheduled.

So I wanted to keep her as a friend as we got along great but I finally had to have a talk with her.

i do think however, that you are just a "backup friend" for her. She works too long of hours and she spends so much time volunteering, I think she is just overly ampbitious when she makes plans.hi, as you said she is your good friend, so this is not the proper way to solve things.

yes i agree that you would not feel like making arrangements or plans, but just dumping her off will only leave a deep scar in your relationship forever.

Don't dump her if you don't want to- it can always work if you want it to!! maybe she has some good reasons but still maybe you should give it a little break.

let her realize that you won't be inviting her anytime sooner because of her last minute attitudes.

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