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Yats Wine Shop in Oakwood Premier Hotel makes wine shopping more convenient and enjoyable to residents of Ortigas, Pasig and Greenhills.There is ample public parking at the hotel entrance on Topaz street.Surely Manila wine lovers living in and around Ortigas can find something to enjoy with dinner or as a gift also.These wines are intended to give Manila wine lovers an interesting alternative to what they are accustomed to finding in most other wine shops in town.Made from Chardonnay, these wines are crisp and fruity, easy to enjoy and very food friendly.

Sophisticated wine lovers are particular fond of the elegance and finesse offered by these matured vintage wines not easily found in other wine stores around the Philippines.

Oakwood Premier Hotel is well regarded as one of the best hotels in Manila.

Even Manila residents bring their families to stay there during the weekends.

Seasoned wine drinkers who have developed a sophisticated palate often look for the elegance and complexity of matured wines.

Their discerning palates can find some satisfaction with some of the vintages wines inside this shop.

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