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Dating of the ornaments is often facilitated by studying the hook.

They varied in shape mostly because many people were still finding their trees in natural habitats — in other words, they were driving into the forests and cutting down an evergreen for themselves!I enjoyed reading this man’s memories of Christmastime in 1940s Newark, New Jersey.He writes on the abundance of Santa Claus and how if you wanted to see outdoor Christmas lights, you’d have to drive through the “wealthy” neighborhoods.Vintage and holiday lovers, I look forward to hearing your feedback on this post — especially if you have some insights on the Christmas tree decorations of the ’40s-’60s yourself! Plus, check out this week’s Shop Finds page for 12 great vintage Christmas tree decorations as suggested by me!I know I’m inspired to ask my Grandmother if she ever had an aluminum Christmas tree in the ’60s — especially one of those rare pink ones! Let me know which “Christmas tree era” is your favorite by leaving a comment below — or sending some love my way on Twitter, Facebook or email!

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