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Adams, Abigail Correspondence (Rare Books & Manuscripts) Of the twenty-two letters in this collection, twenty are addressed to John Thaxter, Jr.

in which Abigail Adams writes about the war-time economy, the changing attitudes of American women, and the importance of public service.

John Adams’s library spans the fields of classics, literature, history, politics, government, philosophy, religion, law, science, mathematics, medicine, agriculture, language and linguistics, economics, and travel.

The collection is of particular interest to scholars and historians because Adams recorded thousands of interpretive and critical manuscript annotations in the margins of hundreds of his books.

For full Internet access please visit the Internet Access computers. ONLINE COLLECTIONS | PHYSICAL COLLECTIONS The Boston Public Library is working to digitize its historical collections that are in the public domain.Links to specific online collections are provided in the physical collection descriptions below.Special collections are held and maintained in a variety of departments of the Central Library.The correspondence of Max Sartin, Osvaldo Maraviglia, Pio Turroni and others who were associated with the newspaper comprise the majority of the collection.For access to the newspaper, see the records in our online catalog: 1989 microform reels and 1996 microform reels. Allen, Fred (1894-1956) Collection (Rare Books & Manuscripts; Delivery Desk, 617.859.2244) The work of the Boston bred comedian and radio personality through his correspondence, scripts, records, tapes, and photographs.

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