Dating saying no nicely

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And their lady friends do not call them out on this behavior (unless their lady friends happen to be myself).Whereas if a male tried to pull anything like this, women everywhere would be up in arms, picketing outside the fellow's house, and writing to the International Association for Blowing the Whistle on Caddish Behavior, asking to have the guy in question put on the Annual List of Men Who Should Be Blackballed from Human Society. And yet--despite the way we all feel when WE are ignored in some way by dudes--we seem to think it's perfectly okay to pull the silent treatment ourselves.In the first few casual dates, prior to any discussion of exclusivity or commitment, both men and women are guilty of blowing off a romantic interest.

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Certainly it was because, for whatever reason, my empathetic powers--which I like to think are pretty good in most circumstances--failed me completely. These days, I handle it a lot better if a guy I'm not that into asks me on a second date. ”Just don’t feel guilty and throw out a pity “We can be friends” comment if you have no intention of actually keeping in touch.If you are in a defined and committed relationship with someone, than that warrants an entirely different breakup conversation, which needs to happen in person, and not via text—which is pretty much as disrespectful as leaving a post-it!Of course it’s not fun disappointing someone who’s into you, but that’s part of dating.The reality is that not every date or relationship is going to work out.

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