Dating raf men

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Sadly, the intervening years have taken their toll, and a number of the ‘characters’ of the RAF Fire Service are no longer with us, and many, many more moved on to other Royal Air Forces.I was born and grew up in a small Durham coastal town, and was an avid reader at school and of course, given that I left school in 1955, only fifteen years after the war, a lot of reading was of the heroes of that time, from all the armed services.These had to be serviced, checked, laid out, and lit before any aircraft could take –off or land at night.The flares had a finite life of course, limited to the amount of kerosene, so they couldn’t be lit until you knew how far away, in time, the landing aircraft was.I was sworn in at RAF Innsworth, and issued with more kit and caboodle than I had ever seen in my life; I had never owned three of anything, and now I did!RAF Innsworth was the induction centre at that time.

Here we learned everything there was to know about getting very wet and enjoying the process.“Come in out of the rain son”, he said, and the story really starts from that point.Before too long, I was fully enlisted into the RAF, at age seventeen and a half.Later, with troubles arising in various African states, a squadron each of Beverly and Hastings aircraft became based there.I scrounged flights in all of them; loved flying especially when it was free.

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