Dating pignose amplifiers

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Unbelievable tone for studio work, and incredibly collectable.

This uses a pair of EL-34s (and an EF-86 pre-amp) to give some really great Aussie-flavoured British tone.Effectively an early Aussie single-channel AC-15 clone!- went to Derrick 1959 Maton Mastersound - a delightful very early Maton Mastersound amplifier, with about 4 watts of glorious single-ended tone feeding the original 8" Rola Alnico speaker.Click the 'back' plectrum to go back to the previous page, or click the "Grouse Guitars" nameplate above to go directly to the Grouse Guitars homepage. - went to Indra 1951 Fender Pro Amp - Here's a fantastic TV-front vintage Fender amp from the golden period. - selling for less than the price we paid - went to Tony 1957 Magnatone Custom 280 Double V - the legendary amp with true stereo vibrato.1940s H&H portable valve amplifier - what an amazing old amp. Loads of street cred, buckets of vintage tone from the field coil 15" Jensen, and a truly grouse investment - went to Bill 1950s/60s 1x12" speaker box - Here's a pretty cool speaker box with a low-powered Sydney-made MFP Hi-Flux 12" speaker, perfect for getting the best vintage tone from very low-powered (around 5 watts) valve amplifier heads - went to Daniel 1950s Magnatone Model M-197-3-V class-A 6V6 amp - is this the coolest amp you ever saw? Real single-ended 6V6 tone at legal bedroom (or studio) levels, or just keep it on display in your home or studio and watch its value grow - went to Tony 1955 Australian 10 watt amp - an incredibly charming amp which sounds amazingly good! A very, very rare amp in amazing original condition. 110 volt - went to a collector in Sydney 1958 (approx) Maton valve practice/studio amp, very rare and very sweet (looking and sounding! Goes as well as it looks, with tons of great vintage valve tone for practice or the studio.

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