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Each manufacturer uses a slightly different numbering system and within each company pattern, numbers may differ depending when and where the piece was made.

Not to be confused with pattern numbers, certain brands such as Lodge use letters to describe the cookware’s designation, such as “M” for a muffin pan or “SK” for a skillet.

But could even older stuff be Last week I wrote a brief review of a scrubber I use on my cast iron cookware.

Griswold, Wagner and many, many other brands and manufacturers exist for collectors to hunt and debate over which was best.

Produced to fit in the circular openings in the tops of wood stoves, cast-iron cookware uses a sizing system with numbers corresponding not to the actual dimensions of the piece, but to the opening size in which they fit.

For example, the bottom diameter of a "6" skillet usually measures around 7 1/2 inches.

Salter holds a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of Waterloo.

Turn over your cookware so the bottom is facing up.

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