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To his right, his “spokesman” carries the royal emblem, the elephant, a remembrance that his kingdom was founded by force.

This photo was taken fifteen days before the death of the Sultan of Sokoto. At the time of his successor’s coronation, who was chosen by a council of “king makers”, a conflict erupted.

Formerly a chief administator and cabinet chief for the finance Minister of Cameroun in 1964, Kamga Joseph is the thirteenth Fon of Bandjun.

On the day of his predecessor’s funeral, he was stopped in the Bandjun market by two Bamileke chiefs, “the hangmen”, in the middle of the nobles and princes who wept the deceased King.

Others, including the king of Swaziland, declined to be photographed.

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It was published in 2000 by Ten Speed Press (ISBN-10: 1580082246, ISBN-13: 978-1580082242).In the middle of the twelfth century, several Bamileke groups, settled in small villages around what is actually Bana.Legend says that one of the village chiefs, Mfenge was accused of sorcery by the others.Representing the Abomey dynasty, Joseph Langanfin is the president of CAFRA, the council of Abomey’s royal families.With this title, he is considered as the official representative of the kings of Abomey.

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