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Each date gets cash for every minute they last and if they make it to the end of the designated date time period they can either choose to go on a second date, or take the money and run!

Now there is some incentive for the potential dates to be on their best behavior too.

For the first time Catfish travels international to find the truth.

And don’t forget, trans people are as diverse at the rest of the population, so our dating experiences are going to be diverse too. But sorry to break it to you, your straight brother probably does. Who do you think is watching all that trans porn online? None of this stops me falling in love with about three gay men a week, mind you – but I’ve come to accept the fact that Olly Alexander probably isn’t going to marry me anytime soon. I don’t really see it that way because I’ve always felt like a girl. I don’t speak for all trans people, but for me the answer is: hot guys. Just because I’m trans doesn’t mean you have to be rude tho. I once fell in love with a very charming young man I met at a party. It was great, while it lasted, but sadly it’s not always like this.

Richard Hall serves as executive producer with Alicia Martino and Keith Burke as co-executive producers.

We sympathize, but technology keeps improving and we have to keep up, too.

But please know that you are whole and worthy as you are, right now.

Spencer reveals a secret to Nev and Max that he's been keeping to himself the last 6 years - he's in a relationship with one of the world's biggest pop stars!

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