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After the first few episodes of this season, T-Bo moves into Freddie and Mrs.

Benson's apartment in "Bushwell Plaza", after being evicted from "The Groovy Smoothie", making him Carly and Spencer's neighbor as well.

Meanwhile Gibby comes face to face with a man named Caleb, a patient who is said to be from the year 2077.

Sam then tries to leave but the security guards keep her since she is under 18 and needs a parent to sign.

Sam and Freddie help him do this by disguising him as a respectful gentleman, which initially works. Benson finds out his true personality later and decides to kick him out.

He walks up to her and kisses her, symbolizing the start of a new relationship.Carly's knowledge of Sam's cell-phone password and the use of cell-phone-tracking software reveal that Sam has checked herself into a mental hospital.Freddie visits her to find out that she can't handle her mixed feelings of love and hate for him.Benson about the whereabouts of Freddie because she doesn't know about his and Sam's relationship.Because Sam is in a relationship with Freddie, her previous torture monkey, her new torture monkey is Gibby.

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