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Felix has believed his father to be alive all this time, as he has received postcards from him.He learns that his father was actually dead, and the diamonds were once buried at his grave.High school student Tiffany Greenwood is killed by mayoral candidate David Jacobs (Noam Jenkins), who insinuates himself into the investigation in an attempt to frame Tiffany's boyfriend Kevin.Angie and Oscar set out to prove Kevin's innocence despite Jacobs' overzealousness only to learn the motive lies in a dark secret.Motive is a Canadian police procedural drama television series that aired for four seasons on the CTV television network from February 3, 2013, to August 30, 2016.During the course of the series, 52 episodes of Motive aired.Art enthusiast Julia Conrad (Hilary Jardine) dreams of having her own art gallery one day, but Marion Rieder (Mary Pat Gleason) kills her.

Angie and Oscar investigate the crime only to be drawn to a waitress who may hold a major piece of the puzzle.Noel Barnett (Tony Nardi) is the priest who has kept his St. Unemployed chef Felix Hausman (Dustin Milligan) kills him.Felix's father and prison inmate Krzysztof Woz (Marcel Maillard) pilfered million in diamonds a long time go.She refuses to let his presence push her out from the department.A seemingly straightforward case of self-defense during a home invasion turns out to be more complicated than originally thought when a mother (Jennifer Beals) goes to extreme lengths to protect her drug-addicted son.

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